The EPRC welcomed the visit of its future new Director

On February 1, 2017 the EPRC welcomed the visit of its future new Director, French General Brigadier Laurent Marboeuf and his delegation composed of three Officers of the French Armée de l’Air.

As established by the EPRC’s founding Technical Agreement, the Director of the Centre remains in office for two years and the position rotates among the seven member nations.

The handover from current ITA DEPRC MG Candotti will take place during the APROC 2017 event organized in Rivolto AB (ITA) in June.

The visit of GB Marboeuf was organized by the EPRC in order to personally meet and give the future Director the opportunity to receive a first real introduction to what the EPRC is doing every day to create and increase European knowledge and engagement to Personnel Recovery. In fact, the in-depth presentation given by the EPRC Commander Col. Fanelli, not only presented GB Marboeuf with the history of the EPRC, but also offered a clear and enthusiastic description of the Centre’s way ahead.

Before inviting him for lunch in the Air Base Mess, the current EPRC Director Major General Candotti offered his French EPRC Steering Group peer the opportunity to review the challenges encompassed in his role while positioned far from the Centre.

Before flying back to France, the French delegation was introduced to the ARS (Air Control Centre RAP Production Centre Sensor Fusion Post) facilities by ARS Commander Col. Ferrando, where they were briefed about the Italian Command & Control system.

At the end of his visit, BG Marboeuf expressed gratitude for the warm hospitality and the enlightening event. He confirmed the French commitment to support the EPRC and the development of a robust and interoperable PR capability in Europe.


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