MG Gianni Candotti hands over EPRC Directorship to French BG Laurent Marboeuf

On 21st June 2017, following the annual EPRC Steering Group meeting that was held at Rivolto Air Base (ITA) during the 2017 edition of Air Centric Personnel Recovery Operatives’ Course, the handover of the EPRC Directorship from Italy to France took place.

MG Candotti, EPRC Director since September 2016, handed over the Directorship to French BG Laurent Marboeuf from the French Air Force Command, therefore marking the first international rotation amongst the 7 Nations party to the EPRC. The rotation schedule was pre-arranged during the establishment of the EPRC and allows all EPRC nations to fill this important executive position. It is seen to be an important link between the EPRC and its member nations.

MG Candotti thanked everyone and highlighted the work achieved during the short existence of the Centre. Furthermore, he portrayed the Centre as an important tool for the leaders of the EPRC nations in their effort to prepare for the expected political tasks. He finished in wishing his successor success in the further development of the EPRC as this would be important for the future development of PR in Europe.

The ceremony was attended by all EPRC Steering Group and Working Group members who welcomed the opportunity to network in order to later use the personal experience to foster the future interaction between these governance bodies of the EPRC.


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