Launching the second edition of the NATO Joint Personnel Recovery Seminar

The NATO Joint Personnel Recovery Seminar was launched on 9 January 2017 at the Italian Air Force Base in Poggio Renatico (Italy). The event has been organized by NATO, hosted by the EPRC and supported by Joint Personnel Agency (JPRA) trainers, the world leading American agency in PR capacity Education & Training, and it is now at its second edition, after the Zagreb event that took place in January 2015.

At the Poggio Renatico Air Force base participants were welcomed by Gen. D.A. Gianni Candotti, Commander of the ITAF Air Operations Command and Director of the European Personnel Recovery Centre, who emphasized the need to strengthen the multinational approach to PR in order to provide an increasingly efficient response to the numerous challenges that the current international situation poses in terms of security.

During the morning session, informative briefings were given by EPRC Staff members and in the afternoon a guided visit to the Deployable Air Command and Control Centre (DACCC) was organized for all the participants.

The Seminar represents a unique opportunity in the field of Personnel Recovery to disseminate the knowledge gathered until now within NATO and to illustrate the way forward.

EPRC is an international body established by 7 nations (Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and France) with the aim of developing the discipline of “Personnel Recovery”.

It was inaugurated by the Ministry of Defence on 8 July 2015 and its headquarters are located on the grounds of the Italian Air Force Base of Poggio Renatico (Italy).

The Centre handles all the issues relating to the field of “Personnel Recovery”, that is the recovery of military and civilian individuals from crisis areas – including diplomats, journalists, volunteers and citizens – who may find themselves in difficult situations. The Centre also is also in charge of supporting any “real operation” that may be set up.


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