EPRC recognised by NATO as a Partnership Training and Education Centre

On 23  Feb 2018 the EPRC was recognised by NATO as the 32nd Partnership Training and Education Centre (PTEC), after Italy as the Host Nation of the Centre applied in behalf of the seven member nations of the EPRC for this status.

With this recognition, the EPRC became part of the select group of organisations that play an essential role in supporting NATO’s objectives whilst coming from diverse host organisations or nations.   As the other PTECs, the EPRC will offer courses, seminars, and workshops to both military and civilian personnel in order to provide education and training in Personnel Recovery (PR) consistent with the objectives and priorities of NATO’s policy and doctrine.

With this recognition, the EPRC formalised its relations with all identified stakeholders that significantly contribute to the development of PR in Europe and therefore the EPRC nations decided that the EPRC has now achieved a ‘Full Operational Capability’ status.  This ended the 30-month period to set up the EPRC.

The PTECs are nationally or multi-nationally sponsored training and education entities, which are united under a single, North Atlantic Council concept since 1999.  This program is spanning not only over the Mediterranean Dialogue (MD) and the Istanbul Cooperation Initiative (ICI) countries, but also over partners across the Globe with a partnership programme with NATO. In addition to the educational tasks, they also provide a platform for operational training by offering both classroom and field venues for exercises.  As a result, interoperability for NATO-led multinational operations will be improved.

The EPRC was established as a seven-nation project by BEL, DEU, ESP, FRA, GBR, ITA and NLD, and opened its doors on 7 July 2015; it is aiming at the enhancement of PR capabilities of its member states and other actors.  The EPRC’s vision statement is:

“To serve as a recognised hub for PR expertise in Europe”



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