The JPR Module is the first attempt to support a tailored course for the EF-2000 Pilots aimed to enable them to act first as RESCORT (Rescue Escort) elements and later as a Rescue Mission Commander (RMC) as tasked by the Italian Air Force Command.

The Module was a part of a training scheme developed by the EF-2000 operators that comprised three phases: Academics, Virtual Training and Live Flying. The EPRC created the Academics phase based on a two days instruction window, in which 8 EF-2000 pilots coming from different ITAF Wings attended frontal lectures and role plays. The Academics and the Virtual Phase were delivered at the ITA Joint Air School in Guidonia (ITA) from the 13 to 15 March 2018.

The newly assigned RESCORT and RMC role requires the EF-2000 units to support OPS during PR Missions, which requires a specific expertise and a deep knowledge of the C2 structure behind this very specialised capability in order to be able to complete the required tasks.  ITAF 4th Wing requested officially the EPRC to support them in delivering this bespoke academics module covering a specific learning Objective, to identify the RESCORT Responsibility in the PR Task Force (PRTF), for the Pilots.  As the EPRC has extensive knowledge in this field, the Centre could provide this support as required by the organisers of the training.

The job of a fixed wing (FW) asset in a tailored Task Force is crucial, because its speed and flexibility.  As, a PRTF is made up from different assets as required by the tactical situation that allows the commander to optimise the chances of success of it, these special attributes of the EF-2000 are likely to be necessary in order to mitigate the risks to the mission.

In order to firmly establish this capability within the ITA AF, this training will become a constant element of the tactical training program of the EF-2000 Squadrons. Therefore, it is foreseen, that the EPRC will develop the academics package as well as playing a wider role in the provision of this training.  As there may well be a training need in other European nations for such kind of FW training, the EPRC will promote this training package to other entities within its sphere of influence.

The ITAF EF2000 community was recently tasked to take over the RESCORT and RMC role from the, soon to be retired, AMX fleet in order to maintain the capability to provide FW RMC capabilities from within the ITA AF. The Role of the FW in the NATO PR System must not be confused with the USAF Sandy concept therefore, NATO and EU are working in close coordination with the EPRC in order to create specific TTPs which may be the baseline to a specific NATO RESCORT Course, providing a tailored and modern concept for a PRTF.


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