12th ITA Joint PR Staff Course

The 12th Edition of the EDA sponsored Joint Personnel Recovery Staff Course (JPRSC) took place in Guidonia (ITA) at the Joint School from 12 to 22 September.

Italy hosted this EDA course and it has been the first iteration where EPRC has supported a nation in delivering it.

The role of the EPRC for this edition has been essential, since it has provided the course director and two other instructors for the execution of this EDA course. Furthermore, in July 2017 the EPRC also conducted an Instructor Certification Program (Academic Phase only), to standardize the instructors earmarked for this edition.

This edition was supported by 4 ITA instructors and others from Hungary (1), Germany (2) and the EPRC (3) to teach 19 students from different countries, and services, as follows:

12 Italian Students (Navy, Air Force and Army) and from the ITA Joint HQ;

7 foreign Students coming from Cyprus (1), Germany (3), Ireland (1), Netherlands (1) and Spain (1).

This was the first edition where the new curriculum, after changing the former Personnel Recovery Controllers and Planners Course (PRCPC) into the JPRSC, was successfully tested. It comprised a total of 8 working days, plus one additional day (before) when the students had to complete the modules of the EDA SERE Level A Computer Based Training, developed by Sweden, defined as a prerequisite of the course.

The changes introduced aimed to adapt this EDA sponsored course to existing training needs, by focusing on the duties of the PR specialist (staff) working at Joint-, or Component-Level during the execution of PR operations. The (strategic / operational) planning instruction, included in the former PRCPC, was removed.

The EPRC aims for the EDA JPRSC to become a NATO certified in due course, and is from the beginning developing the course accordingly.  The Course has evolved to become (even) more student centered, and it has improved interaction with the students in the lectures, syndicate works and role-plays.  New lectures were introduced to adapt to the outcomes of identified training requirement decisions. Moreover, new role-plays, developed by Sweden, as the lead nation in the EDA Project Coordination Group (PCG), have completed the training environment for a successful learning.

The EPRC Education Branch, in accordance to the EDA PCG decisions, is now working to finish a comprehensive documentation package for the JPRSC. It will include the Course Control Documents, the Student and Instructor Manuals, the Course Manual (with supporting requirements), the PowerPoint lectures (with notes), a full evaluation program valid for Lessons Learned purposes, and a Program for Certification of Instructors (ICP), to be issued by other nations that are interested in delivering this course.

Additionally, the EPRC Education Branch, starting from this edition, introduced a Cloud-based data management system to share lectures with the nations delivering this course.

The lack of a Joint Personnel Recovery (JPR) capability can potentially prevent nations from contributing to an activity or mission, or hamper the Commanders’ execution of an assigned operation.  In order to avoid this to happen, the JPRS Course is becoming a universally recognised tool to prepare knowledgeable and skilled PR specialists who will run a future Personnel Recovery Command and Control architecture to build and employ a JPR capability effectively and timely.  The EDA’s engagement in this field created an important ‘stepping stone’ towards this aim.

Next editions of the course will be:

13th JPRSC: 12-24 Nov 2017, Ferrara (EPRC);
14th JPRSC: 26 Feb – 9 Mar 2018, Karlsborg (SWE);
15th JPRSC: 28 May–08 Jun 2018, Veszprem (HUN);
16th JPRSC: 3 Sep–14 Sep 2018, Kalkar (Germany).





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