To improve the four phases of Personnel Recovery (Preparation, Planning, Execution and Adaptation) by developing harmonizing PR Policy, Doctrine and Standards through clear lines of communications with partners stakeholders (nations and international organizations) and provide assistance in support of education and training, exercises and operations as required.


To serve as recognized hub for Personnel Recovery expertise in Europe.

5th Steering Group meeting and EPRC Directorship handover to Spain

On 19-20 June 2019, the European Personnel Recovery Centre Steering Group, the governing body which leads EPRC way ahead, held its 5th annual meeting in Bordeaux Air Base (FRA), home to the French Air Force Command. The senior representatives met to evaluate the results achieved over the past year and to take decisions concerning the […]

EPRC support Spanish SOF community

The first Spanish SOF JPR seminar took place in Alcantarilla Air Base, Murcia (Spain) from 21st to 23rd May 2019, organized by the Joint Special Operations Headquarter (MCOE). The EPRC provided its specialized support to this venue on request of the Spanish Joint Special Air Operations and Personnel Recovery Directorate (JSAO&PR). EPRC contributed to the […]

19th EDA Joint Personnel Recovery Staff Course(JPRSC)

In 2013, the European Defence Agency’s Project Team Personnel Recovery (PT PR) initiated an EU “Personnel Recovery Controller and Planner Course” (PRCPC) Cat B Project. The project initially aimed to train staff to man Personnel Recovery (PR) positions at unit level or in a Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell (PRCC) or in a Joint Personnel Recovery […]

3rd NATO JPR Seminar successfully concluded

On Friday 1 February 2019 the fourth edition of the NATO Joint Personnel Recovery Seminar concluded after an intense week of lectures and activities.  The seminar was scheduled by ACT, organised by AIRCOM and the European Personnel Recovery Centre (EPRC) and supported by the Joint Personnel Agency (JPRA) from the US. Fulfilling NATO training requirements […]

13th PTEC Marketplace

The 13th PTEC Marketplace took place at the new NATO HQ (NNHQ) in Brussels on Thursday, 29 November 2018. The goal of the event was to promote PTECs Education&Training achievements, advertise respective centers and to display the PTEC community cooperative efforts to NATO audience. 23 PTEC representatives from around the world, including EPRC,  met to […]