Brigadier General Laurent MARBOEUF
Air Mobility Brigade Commander Air Forces Command

Date of birth: 29 March 1965 in Nantes, Loire-Atlantique (44).
He is married with 3 children.
He joined the French Air Force Academy (École de l’air) in September 1986 and got his transport pilot Wings in 1990.

2016 Air Mobility Brigade Commander at the Air Forces Command, Bordeaux-Merignac
2015 Deputy Head of the joint Permanent Secretariat of the aeronautics Maintenance Repair Overhaul at the French Air Force Air Staff, Paris
2012 Deputy Commander at the Management Pole at SIMMAD, Bordeaux- Merignac
2011 Commander of the 186 Air Base “Nouméa”
2010 Deputy Commander of the New Caledonian Armed Forces (FANC) Commanding officer & commander of the Air Component, New Caledonia
2009 Supervision of trainees at French Joint staff War College, Paris
2008 Deputy Commander of the 110 Air Base, Creil
2004 Force Generation and Training Headquarter, Creil
2003 Commander of the 01.062 Transport Squadron “Vercors”, Creil
2001 Deputy Commander of the 01.062 Transport Squadron “Vercors”, Creil
2000 Trainee at the French Joint Staff War College, Paris
1998 Officer at the DGA Operation Directorate
1997 Assistant to the director of operations at the 01.061 Transport Squadron “Touraine”, Creil
1995 Flight Commander at the 01.061 Transport Squadron “Touraine”, Creil
1986 Pilot trainee at the French Air Force Academy, Salon de Provence

Awards and decorations
Knight of the Legion of Honor
Officer in the National Order of Merit
Aeronautical Medal
Overseas Medal with “Democratic Republic of the Congo”, “Cambodia” and “Chad”
National Defense Medal, silver echelon
French Commemorative Medal with “Ex-Yugoslavia”, “Haiti”
Nation recognition Medal
Medal for voluntary military service, bronze echelon


Born in 1966 in Bari, Col Fanelli joined the Air Force Academy in 1986 as a cadet of the 4th Generation of “Hawk” classes and graduated in 1990.

In 1990 he earned his Pilot Wings on MB339 at Jet School Lecce AFB and in 1991 he got the Military Helicopter Qualification at Joint Helicopter School Frosinone AFB.

From 1992 to 2004 he served as helicopter AGUSTA HH3F SAR/COMBAT SAR pilot at 85th Squadron in Ciampino AFB where he had been in charge of several duties: Chief of Intelligence Squadron Section, Commander of 142nd Flight, Chief of the Squadron Training Section and Chief of the Squadron Operation Section. In that period he took part at the NATO Operations in Kosovo and Yugoslavia.

From 2002 Col. Fanelli is qualified as Flying Instructor for Operation and Tactics SAR and C/SAR and he has been flying over 2500 flying hours on different types of airplane and helicopter.

From 2004 to 2006 he has been appointed as 84th Combat SAR Squadron Commander Brindisi AFB.

In 2006 he was posted as Chief of 15th Wing Operational Staff in Pratica di Mare (Rome). He participated at the Italian Military Operations in Iraq as Helicopter Squadron Commander and Chief of the Operational Staff of the Italian Joint Air Task Group (JATG) in Tallil AFB (Nassiriya).

From 2007 to 2009 he has been appointed as Chief of the “J3 Air” Section of the Italian Joint Special Operation Head Quarter (COFS-Comando Operativo Interforze per le Operazioni delle Forze Speciali).

In November 2009 he was posted as Chief of the Office “Air Support” at the ITAF 1st Special Operations Air Brigade.

From August 2010 to July 2013 he was the Chief of Staff of the European Air Group (COS EAG) in High Wycombe (UK).

From July 2013 to June 2015 Col Fanelli was leading the Implementation Team for the initiation of the European Personnel Recovery Center (EPRC), co-located with the EAG in High Wycombe and in July 2015 he became the Commander of the European Personnel Recovery Centre in Poggio Renatico. ITA.

Col. Fanelli is married to Annalisa and has two children: Andrea and Giorgia.

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Maj. Gen. Pilot Gianni Candotti was born in Enemonzo (Udine), Italy on 18th July 1961. From 1980 to 1984 he attended the Italian Air Force Academy and earned a bachelor degree in Aeronautical Sciences from Naples University. In 2005 he was granted a Political Science Degree from Trieste University.
In 1984 he earned his Pilot Wings on T-38 aircraft attending the ENJJPT program in Sheppard AFB (USA).
He was assigned at the 46th Air Brigade in Pisa as 50th Sqn pilot. From 1985 to 1988 he took part to several military operations, including the Libyan crises (1986) and the Gulf War supporting the Italian Navy contingent (1987).
In 1988-1992 he was assigned at the 70th Wing in Latina as Instructor Pilot, Section Commander and then 406th Flight Commander.
In 1992 he was assigned at the 14th Wing in Pratica di Mare (Rome) and he qualified on different air assets performing Navigation Aids Calibration, Electronic Warfare, Air to Air Refueling and Strategic Airlift.
In 1993 he was posted at the NAEW Force Component in Geilenkirchen (Germany) as Aircraft Commander, Instructor and Evaluator on the Boeing NE-3A aircraft. He was eventually appointed as 2nd Squadron Deputy for Operations. During his assignment in Germany, he took part to the air operations over the Balkans and he contributed to the establishment of the Balkan CAOC in Vicenza.
In 1997 he was appointed as 8th Air Squadron Commander, 14th Air Wing, Pratica di Mare AFB.
Then he was assigned at the Italian Air War College in Florence, where he performed several duties, such as the Chief of Academics Department and Classes’ Commander up to 2002.
In 2002, he was appointed as 14th Air Wing Deputy Commander and then Wing Commander. During his tenure, many operations and exercises were executed, including a Wing detachment deployment in Asmara (Eritrea), tasked by the UN to recognize and plot the contested border line between Ethiopia and Eritrea.
In 2004 he was assigned to the ItAF Force Command as Division’s Chief.
In 2006 he joined the Joint Defence Staff, as Chief Strategic Direction and Civil Military Cooperation Division.
In 2009-2010 was deployed at the ISAF Headquarters in Kabul where he served as Director Air Plans, Projects, Partnering and Deputy Chief of Staff Stability. He was also appointed as Chief of Elections Task Force, coordinating security issues associated to the 20 August 2009 Afghan Presidential Elections. In cooperation with the Afghan Ministry of Transportation and the Afghan MoD, he contributed  to the reconstruction and development of Afghan Civil and Military Aviation.
In 2010 he was posted to the Joint Defence Staff, Plans and Policy Department, as Deputy Departments’ Chief delegated for Military Policy an Armaments Control. During his tenure he was appointed to the NATO Senior Officials Group in charge for the NATO Command Structure Review. He was also appointed to the NATO High Level Group tasked to develop the 2010 Defence and Deterrence Posture Review.
In 2012 he was assigned to the Air Staff, as Chief of Plans and Policy Department.
He was appointed Commander of the Air Operations Command (COA) on 28 September 2016 and he became Director of the European Personnel Recovery Centre (EPRC) on the same date.
During his career, he logged 6300 total flying hours of which 1500 wartime and 2000 instructing in basic/advanced flying courses.
He speaks English and French.

He attended several courses, among which:
– Basic and Advanced Staff Courses at the Italian Air War College;
– 3rd ISSMI Course (Joint Services Staff College);
– 7th Military French Forces Staff College;
– Senior Leaders Seminar at the Africa Centre for Strategic Studies in Washington;
– Key leader training for “flag officers” posted to ISAF mission;
– European Union Senior Mission Leaders course in Belgium.

Among the several medals and decorations received, of note:
– Gold Decoration for crews in combat flights, Electronic Warfare Ops;
– Bronze Decoration for crews in combat flights, AAR Ops;
– NATO Medal for Bosnia Ops
– NATO Medal for Afghanistan Ops;
– French forces “Ordre du Mérite”.

He has been happily married since 1987 with Ms. Gianfranca Salvadori (a Naval Shipyard Business Manager) and they have two children, Victor (26, Naval Engineer) and Michelle (20, professional pianist).

Maj. Gen. Giovanni FANTUZZI was born in Torino, Italy on August the 11th, 1958 and joined the Air Force Academy in 1977. He graduated first of his class – “Distinguished Graduate” – with an Aeronautical Engineering Degree “cum laude” and was awarded with the “Honour’ Sword” (s.c. “Sciabola d’Onore”).
In 1981 he attended the “Undergraduate Pilot Training” at Williams U.S.A.F.B. in Arizona and the “Fighter Lead In” course at Holloman U.S.A.F.B. in New Mexico. He was awarded the “Top Gun Award” and was assigned to the 21st Fighter Squadron in “Cameri” A.B. where he flew F-104S “Starfighter”.
As a Captain he was selected to become a test pilot and in 1987 attended U.S.A.F. TPS at Edwards U.S.A.F.B. in California where he completed his training as a “Distinguished Graduate”.
He spent several years at the Italian Air Force Test Centre in “Pratica di Mare” A.F.B. involved in flying and testing almost every kind of aircraft but mainly Tornado and AMX. In 1993 as Lieutenant Colonel he became Squadron Commander of the 28th Armed Recce Squadron AMX in “Villafranca” A.F.B. for two years. He was then assigned to the Air Staff at the New Development Program Office where, as a full Colonel, he became Head of the Office before being assigned as Commanding Officer to the Air Force Test Centre in 2002, here he was responsible of many programs, one of which the operational certification of the C-130-J. In 2004 he was assigned to the MOD-National Armament Directorate as Chief of the Aeronautical Programs Office where he was also the Italian “JSF Program Manager”. He got promoted to Brigadier General in January 2006 and from 2007 to September 2009 he was posted to the Air Force Logistic Command in Rome as Chief of Staff.
In September 2009 to May 2012 he was assigned at the Air Staff as Chief of the Plans & Policy Division (A3-A5). In these capacities he was heavily involved in the Italian Air Force operation in Afghanistan, ISAF and in Libya, Odyssey Down and Unified Protector.
In August 2012 he was assigned at the Italian Embassy in Washington DC as the Defense and Defense Cooperation Attaché accredited for the USA, Canada and Mexico, until August 2015.
From September 2015, Maj Gen. FANTUZZI is the Commander of the Italian Air Force Operations Command in Poggio Renatico, responsible for planning and execute air operations and managing Air Power in national, NATO, and Coalition environments. He is also the Director of the European Personnel Recovery Center since July 2015.
Major General FANTUZZI has a second Degree in Political Science, attended the Senior International Defence Management Course and flew over 4.400 hours on 55 different aircraft.
He is married with Mrs. Ornella and he has two children, Valentina and Matteo.

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